Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 Gawad Natatanging Lagunense (Outstanding Lagunense Awards)

I was officially star-struck being in the same table as Jiggy Manicad, having a photo with Sol Aragones (both awardees for broadcast journalism), and being on stage with Gov. Ningning Lazaro and other officials at the provincial level. To top that all off, I had the pleasure of being among the five finalists for the Gawad Natatanging Kabataan (Outstanding Youth Award)... and ultimately getting the prize.

High heels and long gown didn't stop me from taking photos, but I couldn't move too much with my talent of tripping over stairs, so Ate Madie shared the picture-taking assignment with me. =)

Thank you to Ate Madie and to Ginny for getting me involved in this competition; and to Bob and Melissa for the glowing commendations; and to my stage aunts (the stage mother called up right after the ceremonies) for being there with me.