Friday, March 5, 2010

Paper #3 accepted!! (Updated)

I thought finishing my first ever 3k, with my shoes falling apart while I was running, was the highlight of my Tuesday afternoon; but I was way wrong. Later in the evening, Dr Fitzgerald relayed the news: Paper #3 has been accepted!! This paper comes relatively soon after my first two journal articles have been accepted in January 2010, proofs of which are now currently being corrected, or are in the queue in the journal's publication offices. Please check out the link:

 As with the previous two papers, I'm excited to see the third one in the "Articles in Press" page of the Carbohydrate Polymers website. The link to the abstract is now available. Here are some of the details:

Cuevas, R.P., R.G. Gilbert, M.A. Fitzgerald. (in press). Structural differences between hot-water-soluble and hot-water-insoluble fractions of starch in waxy rice (Oryza sativa L.). Carbohydrate Polymers.

On to paper #4!!