Monday, April 19, 2010

Al Gore Live in Manila


I thank Sylvia for pointing out that this event is not as publicised as others. The promotional poster is found below:

You read that right! Former US Vice President Al Gore is gracing the stage at SM Prime's Leadership Conference Series 3. This lecture was originally set on April 30, but is now slated on June 8. 

I had enjoyed his lecture on "An Inconvenient Truth" except in parts where I felt that he was trying to promote himself as a great would-have-been president. On his lecture on the 8th, I will not only take notes on his thoughts and studies about environmental issues. I will also note down his presentation styles. His lecture is highly praised by Garr Reynolds in May 2006. See his blog in the link:

Anyway, more information about his talk can be found at the TicketNet website