Thursday, April 1, 2010

Arabela afternoon


I was back at Arabela's in Liliw, Laguna! With me were Ate Madie (about to pop at anytime), Justine, Trisha, and Totoy.

This lovely and homey cafe at the heart of Liliw town is one of Laguna's well-kept (open) secrets. Mommy and I came upon this restaurant a few years back, just when it was starting out. Anna and I introduced it to our cousins in 2006 (thereabouts), and we made a point to have a meal there whenever we were in town.

A few years later, a lot more people are eating at Arabela's (therefore, more competition to the parking space), and they now accept reservations. The cafe's longevity in the town, I think, is partly caused by the cozy ambiance, absolutely yummy food and beverages. All these are plusses specially with the lower prices pegged for each menu item.