Friday, April 2, 2010

Jollibee marks the spot

Yesterday, I joined the annual Visita Iglesia organised in IRRI. This year's trip was a visit to seven churches in the Rizal province. One thing I noticed, along with another participant, was that stand-alone Jollibee branches (the ones that are not inside a mall) are almost always situated very close to the church, or is right at the corner of the highway closest to the church. For first-time pilgrims to these churches, Jollibee's image is like a beacon signalling that they're nearing a church.

(photo taken at Los Banos Crossing)

We got lost several times along the route, and the strategically placed Jollibee branch on the fork of the road was always a marker to the right direction. When in doubt, follow the road signs to Jollibee, I guess. 

The only challenge is if the town centre is not big enough to attract Jollibee to put up a branch. In those towns, the parish church is still usually across the municipal hall.