Sunday, May 16, 2010

I chased the sun =)

Ate Maddie and I joined the Neutrogena Chase the Sun 3k run category on May 16. I still wonder how I managed to get myself on my toes for this one, especially since I was so exhausted from the Lucban road, food, and photowalk trip less than 24 hours before.

This race is our third 3k and our first non-charity run. The format of the race is similar to the RUNew event and the relaxed atmosphere reminded me of the PGH run. However, the main difference was in the goody bag (aka the finisher's kit). The organisers went all out (at least in my opinion, after only three races) with the contents. My pack contained a race singlet (which is quite anti-climactic), a finisher's shirt, Ben-gay cream (for the muscle ache), Neutrogena facial cleanser, Modess pads, and J&J products (baby powder, body wash, and bath soap). I also received a bottle of Summit mineral water and of 100PLUS isotonic drink.

The first stretch of the route (less than 1k) was in shade courtesy of the condominiums that line the road. That was the easy part. After that, we were basking in the warm sunshine for the rest of the race! I thought that RunRio could not have designed a more apt 3k route than what it did. 

I am happy that I chased the sun for 25 minutes, 59 seconds in this race (based on the timer – I'm still waiting for the official results), which is about 30 seconds faster than my chip time in the RUNew race. Still a slowpoke by no means, but now I see that I'm steadily running faster. 

Off to the next race!!