Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pahiyas sights

Pahiyas is a festival in Lucban, and in other towns of Quezon province, celebrated in honour of Saint Isidore the Labourer (the patron saint of farmers). It is a popular tourist attraction because of all the colourful decorations adorning the houses along the procession route.

The atmosphere in Lucban was very festive, with live bands at different corners of the town. It's just a bit unfortunate that I missed a lot of shots because the crowd just swelled as the sun set and the air cooled down. The roads were just packed with revelers and higantes and shoppers.

Before we left, I just had to taste the famed pancit habhab, which was eaten straight from the banana leaf – no cutlery, just pop the noodles into the mouth. Quite delicious, and cheap too.

I hope I can come back next year for another round of Pahiyas. =)