Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another surprise lunar eclipse!

On my way home tonight, I happened to look up at the evening sky. That moon is weird, I thought; it looked like a full moon except for a small part of the arc that seemed to have been chomped off very cleanly by Cookie Monster. When the skies had cleared, I looked up again. Lo and behold, a normal-looking full moon! I must have been imagining the misshapen moon due to the thick cloud cover. Or was that an actual lunar eclipse, and I just didn't realise it (again!)?

Apparently, what I saw really was a lunar eclipse. It's a partial one, and the Philippines had ring side seats to see the eclipse during moon rise. However, the rain clouds hovering over Manila made the moon hardly noticeable. Too bad I only noticed (and almost dismissed) the eclipse when it was about to end. I would've loved to see the maximum eclipse in which more than half of the moon was covered by the Earth's shadow. 

More details about this eclipse are in Wikipedia (see the link below):