Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My first time at the SMX Convention Centre

Thanks to Al Gore's presentation, I was able to enter the SMX Convention Centre for the first time. Unfortunately, photography of any form was not allowed inside the lecture hall as the presentation was going on. The fear of having my camera confiscated prevented me from sneaking a photo (and they did reprimand someone who was photographing the slides – I think he had a better chance of writing down the references, and then downloading the images from the Associated Press website).

Yup, I was able to buy a bronze ticket. Actually, I wondered why I got a cheap ticket and yet I was seated in front. It turned out that the spot I was seated in had ring side seats of the giant screen... not of the stage with Al Gore on it. I had to sit sideways and strain my neck to see the people onstage. Once the talk began, the houselights were dimmed, and it didn't matter anymore that I was on the far left side. Al Gore was barely illuminated. The focus, evidently, was on the content of the presentation rather than on the speaker.

The stage, I assume, is where the white light is. After the talk, I was no longer in a hurry, so I had a few minutes to roam around the convention centre. There were some interesting exhibits. My favourite, though, is the commitment wall of the WWF (if I can remember correctly).

I totally missed the famous Manila sunset (yet again!). I'm happy that I caught the "blue hour", the time when the sky is dark blue, almost violet. The yellow lights along the Mall of Asia complex adds a warm contrast, which I like as well =)