Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Review: No Country for Old Men (2007)

Genre: Westerns

A great film, but I won't attempt watching it when I'm alone ever again! The movie was SCARY. Five minutes after it had started, I ran out of the room and double-checked the locks on the doors!

I only continued watching, under pillows and blankets, because Tommy Lee Jones was in it (he played the sheriff, Ed Tom Bell) and I was waiting for his typical I-will-save-the-day scene. However, he maintained a low profile throughout this film, so atypical of his roles as a U.S. Marshall and a Man in Black.

Javier Bardem, as the hitman Anton Chigurh, was SCARY. Putting him in the cast was a great move by the Coen Brothers. Because of his portrayal of the antagonist, I had difficulty sleeping!

The lack of background music in large sections of the film echoed a feeling of hopelessness in such a violent community... and was SCARY. The colours used in the film were a bit on the sad side too, making the area look like a ghost town. Where were all the people?!? The feel of the neighbourhood made me expect a gun fight waiting to happen... and it did.

Such a crime-ridden town is indeed not for old men.