Saturday, July 3, 2010

License renewal bloopers

I had to renew my driver's license today since it's expiring tomorrow. When I had lost the 2007 card in late 2008, I applied for a duplicate card in Las Pinas (because my 2007 card was issued in Alabang) and it took a whole day to get it... only to find out that my middle name was misspelled! Hence, another objective today was to get that name fixed.

The Land Transportation Office website ( instructs people who need to correct their names to bring the following:
  1. Current driver's license
  2. Original and photocopy of the applicant's birth certificate
  3. Accomplished "Application for Driver's License" form
An unexpected requirement was the "Affidavit of Discrepancy", which outlines what corrections must be done on my license. I wish the LTO had that listed down so I could have gotten the document in advance! Nonetheless, after a few hours, my name's spelling is now correct. 

As I walked back to the waiting area after the photo- and signature-taking, I was surprised to be called back to Window 4. The sharp-eyed LTO evaluator in Calamba found another error committed most likely by the Las Pinas field office staff: I was listed as MARRIED!! Waah, I had to pay for another affidavit of discrepancy?!?

Sakit sa ulo!!

Apparently, civil status has a one-way update only: once you're in the married list, you can't go back to the single list. That means I couldn't change my status even with the paperwork. After assuring me that civil status is only reflected in the records and not in the license card, Mr. Evaluator told me that once I get married for real, he'll just change my surname after seeing the marriage certificate (provided that he's still manning Window #4).

In the morning, I set out to fix my name's spelling. In the afternoon, I ended up discovering that I'm already married, in the LTO records anyway. Tsk.

Driver's license po ang pinapabago ko; hindi po ako nakuha ng marriage license.