Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rochie in the city: Big houses

June 2010
Mandaluyong City (I think)
Chalk shoot

I was instructed to go to an address in the city. I figured that it would be a lot easier for me if I rode public transportation to the area because it's not a place I'm familiar with. Once I got to the venue, I was surprised to see uniformed guards in what seems like a residential area... or I screwed up with the directions and went to the wrong side of EDSA.

(The following conversation was in Filipino. I just translated it in English.)

I approached a guard and asked, "Manong, is this the venue for the Chalk shoot?"

"Yes, this is the spot. Just go through that gate and pass the garden to reach the building with glass doors," one of the guards replied.

As I went deeper into the venue, I was starting to get confused. There were some big houses inside the area surrounding a cul-de-sac. On the other side of the venue, a garden was enclosed by a wall, reminding me of The Secret Garden. Remembering the private pools in Calamba City, the beach side resorts of Nasugbu, and the orchards of Los Banos, I went back to the guard and asked, "Is this place a resort?"

The guard replied, "No, it is not. It is a house."

A house?! Whoa! The owner of this place must be rich and, most likely, famous! I never met the owner, unfortunately, because my turn finished early.