Saturday, July 10, 2010

Running risks.

I have never taken a second look at a race form/waiver except to check if I have accomplished it properly. However, I changed my attitude about this after reading sad stories from the July 4 Milo Marathon Manila elimination

Point 6 in the declaration of fitness and waiver says:
"On behalf of myself, my heirs, and executors, I hereby waive and release all rights or claims for damages I may have... for any illness, injury, death, damage or loss I may sustain during, or as a consequence of the activity."

Oh, come on! Runners get wounds, sprains, fractures, torn ligaments, dehydration, or electrolyte imbalance... but I never thought people actually died in running events. I thought wrong. The most tragic of these stories was that a 21km participant collapsed on his last 1km. It's literally his last. He passed away 48 hours later due to multiple organ failure. May his soul rest in peace.

His death is an eye-opener to the risks of such a strenuous activity. There's a list of reminders published specially for beginners (like me) on running safely: