Thursday, August 19, 2010

How I Met Your Mother

There's a sit com on cable called How I Met Your Mother where the main character shares to his children a long and convoluted tale of how he met their mother. I don't know what season is being aired in Star World these days, but the series will premiere the sixth season in September.

Thankfully, my parents' story of how they met each other is much shorter and simpler than the sit com. And it all began in grad school. At the De La Salle University's MBA program, to be specific. From there, the details become blurry, even to them! They know they were classmates, but they could not remember which class, and this is where the comedic bickering would start, as if on cue. One of them said they met in an accounting course, while the other countered and said they met in a history course. (They probably attended BOTH classes, and just forgot.) The story-telling usually ended with: Basta, sa La Salle kami nagkita.

So, that's the where (DLSU campus in Pasay City) and the when (period when both attended grad school, circa 1970s). They never got to the bottom of the how, though. 

Hence, the short and simple story of how my dad met my mom.