Friday, August 6, 2010

Side effects of R stat software training

All week during R stat training, I got so accustomed to scrutinising each command by line. It was quite difficult because reading computer script is VERY different from reading normal literary text. So, during an afternoon break but still with the same read-one-line-at-a-time mindset, I focused on an announcement about a non-functional printer at the building where the stat training was being held:

Okay. Where else could files be sent for printing?

Huwaat?! If I want to print, I need to walk ten minutes under the scorching sun just to get what I printed?!?

However, CRIL (the research unit) has been transferred a few weeks ago to a different building because its old location in the DL Umali Lab (DLUL) is being converted into a facility for one of the other project groups at work. Anyone who isn't updated (and who reads this announcement only up to this point) might run all the way to DLUL and be surprised that the printer isn't there anymore.

For that unfortunate person, who did run to the other building, the next line will come as an ugly joke:

Where's the atrium building lobby?

The building where the training was being held was named after one of the former directors general of IRRI. I didn't know that this same building is also called the Atrium Building. So, where's the other printer?

It's right beside the unavailable printer (Ate Shiela, who's also attending the R training, worked that out based on the printer name)... Ayun! Pambihira!!

Our classmates were also laughing about this because we found the sign and the other printer's position a bit odd; I think we were all a bit stressed with R. The instructor, Ate Beng, remarked that her students must have had too much R.

Sometime later, the common sense kicked in. It was necessary to put those details on paper because people who needed to print on the network printer had to select the name of the printer on the left from a long list of network printers. 

I have to admit that I was totally distracted with the printer's location. So distracted that I didn't notice this: whoever wrote this announcement didn't use adverbs at all. I just realised this grammatical error the next day!

Lesson learned: Always bring some common sense during break time, especially when attending training sessions.