Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thai food, on a tight budget

I tried out one of LB Square's newest restaurants tonight:

Tom yum is one of my comfort foods. When I first ventured into Sydney to attend school in 2006 (my first winter too, if I may add), I had to live alone in a terrace house since the residents were in Europe. New, by myself, and cold in a strange city, I was desperate to have a taste of home. And that quickly took the form of tom yum chicken, a dish very similar to sinigang. =) Thank you, Thai Times 9!!

So, for this evening, I just had to taste inthai2go's version of tom yum, which proprietors Abby Camus and Dina Josue say is authentic Thai. I've never been to Thailand, so I don't know what authentic Thai tom yum is like. Nevertheless, I found inthai2go's tom yum delicious, comparable to what I used to eat at Thai Times 9 and at Baan Thai (the Thai restaurant in Sta. Fe Subdivision, Los Banos); however, inthai2go's version had less vegetables, I think. 

The restaurant also serves spring rolls, fried rice with shrimp paste, stir fried noodles, and chicken wrapped in pandan... I haven't tried them yet, except for the spring rolls (which I found a bit too salty without the sauce). The red iced tea is not too sweet and reminded me of Tokyo Tokyo's iced tea.

inthai2go is found near the front of LB square, just beside myPad (which currently features a tarp of the upcoming Bamboo concert). The food comes in paper cups, for people to take out. And the best news: the food is "light on the pocket" (I'm quoting the restaurant's tagline).