Thursday, August 19, 2010

With the Bright Young Manila 2010 set

This post waited for some time before it's seen the light. I wanted my mom to see the article first (the magazine was sent via courier to her as soon as I got copies) before I post this entry here.

Advanced Happy Birthday, Mommy!! =)

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I knew it! The people I were with in June for the Chalk shoot were people Manila has to watch out for! Clifford Olanday wrote a very nice feature. Check them out in Chalk's August 2010 issue.

Thanks to the Chalk team for inviting me in this year's shoot, specially to Sara Aunario, the producer of the segment, Clifford for that very nice article, and to the photographer who had to put up with the extra challenge of giving me instructions while I was practically blind (I had to remove my eyeglasses). 

The vintage dress (I like!) is available at Sundae in The Collective; the pink jacket is available at TopShop, and the shoes are my sister's. I'm actually considering if I could pull off that ensemble (or something similar) in a conference (with more formal shoes, probably). Credits for the hair and make-up go to Bea and to Jim, respectively.