Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good bye braces; hello retainers

I've been an orthodontic patient (again) for the past few years, thanks to the arrival of my upper wisdom teeth (that took 25 years to erupt). The upper teeth have been off the braces for a few months now; two Saturdays ago, I also let go of my lower teeth's braces. Just this Saturday, I got a retainer for these teeth. =) Yey!

As always, the first few days of wearing the new retainer is difficult because I have to adapt to the new appliance. So far, so good; my gums have seemingly adjusted and there's not that much pain. However, this retainer isn't the final one yet. My orthodontist is preparing another one with a better fit, which I will be getting on Saturday.

Plus, since I tend to grind my teeth at night, I'm also getting a mouthguard (which looks like an invisible retainer).