Sunday, September 5, 2010

My car was hit by an unknown vehicle before dawn today. Tsk.

I figured in a road accident before dawn today (at around 5.00am). My car was hit by an unknown vehicle. I wasn't able to get the make and model because I moved my car to the shoulder of the highway, thus avoiding confrontation with a possibly drunk or sleep-deprived driver, or worse, a robber. By then, the other vehicle had left the scene. 

After giving the car a once-over and seeing that I could drive it while searching for a police officer and a well-lit place, I continued on and reached the Shell Station near San Juan de Letran College. That's where I saw the damage: a hole in the rear window, which was cracked so much I couldn't see what's behind me; a relatively serious dent near the window, indicating the path of whatever skewered that part of the car; plus scratches along the bumper and the left rear mudguard. The insurance people might see more when they inspect the car. 

I was lucky that the mobile police patrol was already set up and very visible at the Petron Station just on the opposite side of the road as the sun was rising. The officers pointed me to the police station in the city hall. By 8.30am, I had my police report (for insurance claims), I had driven the car back home, and I had filled out the insurance form.

Through all these, I had only one thought in my head: DO NOT PANIC. I thought that the only way I could communicate with the police officers, fill out the required forms, and make sure that I could bring my car home was if I stayed focused and calm. The tension came during lunch, with the car safe but banged up; I couldn't finish my meal (and I thought I was going to barf).