Friday, September 17, 2010

You have long hair, I get it!

Is it proper to keep swishing long hair in front of food laid out on a table? 

My sister and some of my cousins wear their hair long but I've never noticed excessive hair-flicking among them. Even Jan Brady didn't touch her hair too much during dinner in A Very Brady Sequel (1996). And she's the one who walked a funny way to make sure that her hair swayed behind her.

Tonight, however, I was eating dinner in peace when a girl arrived and sat with her friends (who happened to be sharing the six-seater table I occupied first). She kept trying to get the attention of people sitting behind my seat, I think, and was flicking her shoulder-length hair incessantly. I wouldn't have minded if she (1) was not rowdy; (2) she wasn't constantly swishing/ flicking/ repositioning her hair for the non-stop photo shoot; and (3) her hair wasn't dangerously close to my dinner (at least from my point of view).

Irritating, right?