Friday, October 15, 2010

Jazzy days are here again =)

The service advisor at Honda Sta Rosa informed me on Monday morning that my car's repairs were finished!!! Yey! So I went there to get the car on Tuesday morning, raring to drive it again on the expressway and up the Jamboree road in Los Banos. Eager to drive off, I hurriedly checked the car:

New rear windshield... check!
Compartment door... check!
Car seat... check!
Side mirrors... check!
Rearview mirror... check!
Tires... check!

Starting the engine... ay, ayaw?!?... one more time... ayaw pa rin!

Hmm. My car wouldn't start; I asked the staff to check it out. Apparently, the battery died while the car was "confined". But not to worry, one service advisor said, after a jump start, the battery would be back to normal. 

He was so wrong. 

I was able to drive all the way to Los Banos (via the national road), and even made a stop at a bank. Then I went to a gas station inside UPLB to refuel. As I was leaving, the car battery died again! The helpful people at the gas station jump started my car, and then I proceeded to the nearest battery shop. It turned out that it was about time I replaced the battery; it was a almost three years old. As if the battery and the windshield weren't enough, the halogen bulb of the car's left headlight died Wednesday evening! I had it replaced Thursday. 

Nevertheless, the Jazz is back. =)