Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Darling, it's not normal."

Catchy right? This was the title of Roslen Anacleto's presentation during the International Network for Quality Rice (INQR) workshop in Hanoi. Basically, his presentation complemented those of Melissa Fitzgerald and Ruby Jimenez, who both talked at length about the updates of the amylose project.

The members of the INQR were given a glimpse of the complexities of the maths used to analyse the data they submitted for Round 3 which, if I remember correctly, was a proficiency test. Roslen used the Anderson-Darling test for normality to see if the distributions of the values followed a bell-shaped curve. The title evidently showed that the distributions did not. Results of a suite of statistical tests were also presented.

I have to admit that in the end, I was lost, utterly lost, in the statistics.