Friday, November 5, 2010

The shoe hunt continues

Back on my feet on another Saturday in Makati. This was my last chance to get a pair of black leather pumps. I won't leave the mall without buying shoes!! Hmmp! 

Walking round the mall, I spotted a beautiful pair inside a shoe shop. Might as well try that, I thought. So I got in, without looking up at the name of the store, and tried on the shoes. Wow, a pair of high heels as comfortable as sneakers! The soles were non-slip and the insoles were really soft. More importantly, my toes were not being squished... I thought I could walk for hours in that pair. 

Reality set in when I started asking about the price. I was shocked at how expensive that pair was. Suffice it to say that it costs about five times more than what I was willing to spend on leather shoes. 

No wonder. I had unwittingly tried on a Cole Haan! 


I ended up with a locally made pair that looked similar to (but didn't feel as luxurious as) the Cole Haan shoes... and at a tenth of the price.