Friday, December 17, 2010

Calamba-Sto Tomas SLEX link now open!!

December 16
Yahoo! My day started out better than expected. The sign board just before the Batangas exit showed the good news. My Christmas wish #1 was granted!! I'll use this route out tomorrow. =)

December 17
I clocked segments of today's drive to see how long it would take to get to work via the SLEX extension.

  • (0:00) Leaving the house. Timer starts now!
  • (0:13) I drove through the SLEX at ~80 kph on average. Didn't note how long the trip was from my exit to the Sto Tomas exit; I think it's probably around 8 km. The bulk of the trip was going to the closest exit to my house.
  • (0:38) Got stuck in traffic in Sto Tomas en route to the MakBan road. This route took too much time; it doesn't looking too promising.
  • (1:13) Stop the clock! I've parked... at last!!

In contrast, my typical route to work takes about 45 min to traverse and it includes the mountainous stretch of the PCARRD-Jamboree Road. I therefore conclude that the SLEX extension won't be part of my daily route to work. However, the SLEX link certainly shortens the trip to Lipa City.