Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chillin' at Chili's

I felt cold, ironically, in Chili's when Ate Maddie and I dropped by. The temperature fell a few degrees lower by the time dessert finally came in the form of Ate Maddie's highly recommended High and Mighty Pie. Basically, it's chocolate cookie crust topped with a huge slab of vanilla ice cream and lined with chocolate and caramel syrup.

The unbelievably huge slice of the high and mighty pie.

I was shocked when it finally arrived. It was HUGE! Four people could split a cake! 

It's good, very good. The smoothness of the ice cream contrasted against the crumbly crust. There were bits (chocolate chips and some other stuff) within the ice cream that further contributed to the flavour and the texture of the cake. 

The pie, overall, wasn't too sweet; perhaps that taste perception was due to what we had for dinner: tortillas with salsa and mushroom fajitas. Or was that because ice cream's low temperature numbs the tongue, hence the reduced capacity to detect sweetness?

I thought of Minas Tirith when the cake arrived, just out of the blue. I think that's because of the whiteness and the shape of the ice cream were similar to this high and mighty Middle Earth city. 

Ate Maddie has a more in-depth description of the food we ate on her food blog: