Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chocolate Kiss, U.P. Diliman

So that was what all the fuss was all about! Noan only had praises for the food. Now I understand.

After that drive up to UP Diliman, Anna and I were just famished. So before we had a taste of the famous cakes, we thought of eating something resembling lunch first. I had lugaw and tokwa't baboy while she had dinuguan with puto (and extra rice). Ate Eleanor arrived shortly after with Jon and Matt (and we were still waiting for the food). 

For dessert, Ate Eleanor got samplers of three cake flavours while the rest of us had the full-sized slices of other cakes. They were all GOOD! Dessert was definitely the highlight of my visit to Chocolate Kiss. If it weren't too far away, I'd be visiting often.

The sampler set with various flavours.