Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The coins that spun round and round

I attended a basic photography seminar in IRRI in December, organised by Chris Quintana and Gani Serrano. One of the photo shoot assignments was to take photos of motion using coins. It was a tough assignment since I decided to do it at night while tuned in to the news feature about Hubert Webb's (and the other suspects') Supreme Court acquittal from the Vizconde massacre case. 

Poor coins. They must have been REALLY dizzy after this photo assignment.

Only the overhead light was on.

Added two more lights..

Additional lighting from a LED flashlight...

I decided to forego any more attempts at the assignment until morning when I can get additional lighting from the sun. However, even sunlight wasn't enough. I gave in and used the flash. Finally, I was happy with my blurred coin shot. 

Here it is:

Photo submitted to class.
The next challenge is quite harder: a photo story.