Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Drive to U.P. Diliman (for the first time)

Overpass, underpass lang yan. 

That was what Daddy said to Biboy and me many years ago when he gave us instructions on going to UP Diliman via EDSA. Suffice it to say that we predictably took the wrong overpass and ended up lost for hours somewhere near Wack-Wack Village. We eventually found our way back to EDSA via Aurora Blvd., thankfully. After that misadventure many years ago, I normally go to Diliman via public transportation; never have I driven to the campus... I am intimidated by the traffic situation on EDSA (I could barely tolerate the Saturday evening southbound traffic from Ayala Ave.). 

2010. Anna and I went to UP Diliman on Saturday afternoon, with me behind the wheel (I had no choice). This time, we hit all the right roads. I didn't get lost along EDSA! Yey! Traffic wasn't so bad there that time, probably because I passed by while most people were staying in the malls. I had a good time driving, except for those pesky taxi drivers who insisted on cutting my lane even when theirs were empty. The Quezon Memorial Circle was a different story altogether though. Reckless and aggressive drivers (traffic violators!), particularly of public utility vehicles, all over the place and not a traffic enforcer or police enforcer in sight!! I wonder what it's like on a weekday... it must be much worse. 

We did get to UP Diliman in one piece. The only question was: How do we get out?