Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hong Kong sidetrip -- Night 2

Hong Kong (Nov 13, 2010) -- Disneyland at night was MAGICAL! Indeed a place where dreams do come true!

Main Street, USA was dark and was clogged with people all looking towards Sleeping Beauty's castle by the time I stepped out of a souvenir shop. The fireworks had began! Each streak of light, each explosion, was perfectly timed to the music that made Disney cartoons the classics that they are. A fitting way to end a day in the park that was spent racing for boat rides, theatrical shows, and thrill rides (yes, including one involving honey pots). Every attraction reminded me of what I loved to watch as a child: Winnie the Pooh, the Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sleeping Beauty, and Mickey Mouse of course. I also had a go at zapping monsters with Buzz Lightyear, as well as listening to the orchestra under Donald Duck's baton.

The biggest set of fireworks obliterated the castle from view.

As the last of the fireworks overwhelmed my camera and as we walked back to the coach returning us to Tsuen Wan, I'd expected that the rest of the evening would go at a slower pace (after an exhausting afternoon in Disneyland); I was wrong. There's still the Ladies' Market in Mongkok that needed to be visited... a culture shock, perhaps, for someone unprepared to haggle big time. I braced for the chaotic scene of the market; not unlike Divisoria, only a lot more aggressive. The objective was to buy items at the lowest price; my mom prepared me for this... I enjoyed getting bargains; the shop owners seemed to enjoy challenging my bargaining skills. In the end, I got a shawl.

Another draining evening. But it was well worth it!