Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Tis the season to be jolly

In anticipation of the big day, people in the lab have started the "Monito Monita" gift-giving activity. Basically, we drew lots to know who will be receiving our weekly gift. To add to the suspense, everyone had to give an alias. Weekly gifts should be at least P20 and must conform to the theme.

I have no idea who I picked; however, the alias makes for a lot of creative gifts. =) Example: on Monday, we need to give something long. The person I'm assigned to might be receiving something based on his/her code name.

The Christmas winds are yet to come but the UPLB campus is starting to feel the season as the giant Christmas tree and the Nativity scene appeared again. The photo on the left is of the tree (and the giant gifts) from last year... the prettiest so far. Would this year's tree top that?

Christmas tree, 2009