Sunday, January 2, 2011

bawing-bawing, bawing-bawing...

Part 2 of our New Year's party was spent with my paternal aunts, uncle, cousins, and nephew in Paranaque. 

Miggy has further expanded his song repertoire, we found out, when he began singing "bawing-bawing, bawing-bawing..." as he played with Tita Tess' sliding doors during dinner. The tune of the song sounded familiar. We aunts were discussing why the tune rang a bell. Then it hit us. Miggy was singing his approximation of the instrumentals of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (aka "Wimoweh"), a song popularised by The Tokens in the 1960s and performed famously in the 2000s by Pierre Coffin's Pat and Stanley (the hippo and the dog).

Just as we thought that it was the only new song, he started chanting "O-o-o-oooh, o-o-o-oooh, ha! O-o-o-oooh, o-o-o-oooh, ha!" with Kuya Mitchie. Another familiar tune, we thought, trying to place this second song. It turns out to be from "Kung Fu Fighting" from the OST of Kung Fu Panda!