Sunday, January 23, 2011


Macbook, iPad, iPhone... 

Our living room played host to three Macs when Biboy was home. As he settled in upon arrival, the three Ates played with the toys (Anna on my Mac, Ate Maddie on the Biboy's iPhone, Rochie on the Daddy's iPad... or was it the other way around?).

This reminds me of my mom's first encounter with the Mac. One day, Biboy asked for her permission to go out of the house because he was buying a Mac. She readily allowed him, and so he took off. When he returned, she asked, "Where's my burger?" Biboy got confused; he said that he didn't buy food. It turned out that she thought that he'd gone to McDonald's to buy burgers. 

A few years later, she's adept at using the iPad herself. :)

I think this was taken on Christmas eve 2010.

Now that Biboy is back in the US, only the resident Mac stayed behind.