Saturday, January 1, 2011

random text message

"Hi. Nasira cp ko, burado lahat ng contacts sa phonebuk. Me listahan ako pero hindi updated. Pls reply if ur stil using your n0. Tnx. - CHING,O.P."
I received this text message from cellphone number +639176233734 on December 30. I'm quite sure I don't know this person because the people named Ching who know my phone number do not write SMS like this. So I thought that this message is a prank: the person was waiting for someone to actually reply to the message before the joke could continue... or the sender is a con artist.
  1. People whose cellphone phonebooks are erased would typically collect people's numbers through social networking sites
  2. People who list down phone numbers on paper MOST LIKELY put a name to connect to each phone number. They don't normally list down phone numbers only.
  3. Now this I found funny: "Please reply if you're still using your number." Does this mean that if I don't reply I'm no longer accessible via my current phone number?