Friday, January 28, 2011

since when did red mean GO?!?

Red light, red light, what do you say?                                                                        I say, "STOP" and stop right away.                       
Yellow light, yellow light, what do you mean?                                                              I mean, "WAIT" until the light turns green.    
Green light, green light, what do you say?                                                                  I say, "GO" but first look both ways.     
Thank you, thank you, red, yellow, green.                                                                 Now I know what traffic lights mean.
I was driving along the Molino-Paliparan Road (in Cavite) until I reached an intersection where traffic flow was controlled by traffic lights... or NOT! As I slowed to a stop because of the red light, drivers of vehicles queued behind my car started honking their horns. Weird, I thought. These drivers were REALLY very impatient! Since I refused to cross the intersection on a red light, the other drivers started to overtake my car! They weren't even concerned that a CCTV camera right under the traffic lights could be recording their every move.

Were all these drivers colour-blind? Where did all these drivers learn how to drive? And how did they even pass the driver's exam at the LTO?

No wonder there are lots of road accidents in the Philippines. In just this small part of the country, drivers regard traffic lights as SUGGESTIONS to slow down or to drive as fast as they could... not entirely the safest things to do on an intersection.

Car light trails along the bridge over the Sta Cruz River (Laguna)