Friday, March 11, 2011

the 168 mall parking experience

Upon insistent Mommy demand, I was convinced to drive up to 168 Mall in Binondo District, Manila. One of my major concerns with going there is where to park. That problem became more apparent when the road leading to mall was a dead end!

What I thought was a dead end was actually the way towards the 500-car parking lot. There must be a lot of space behind the building, I thought, except I could only see a construction site. A guard instructed me to let the passengers get down of the car before I park. That instruction was weird... until I saw the parking lot. 

Better yet, a car lift.

Yes, a lift! I was instructed to park the car backwards into the slot. Once the car was set, I disembarked and then the car was lifted off the ground! Wow! I've never seen one of those multi-level parking spots before! It felt like being in a container yard!