Thursday, March 24, 2011

graduation misunderstanding

Since March is about to close and graduation season is here again, I recall the phone conversation between me and my dad (circa early 2005, if I remember the year correctly) about Biboy's college graduation at the DLSU-College of St Benilde. Once again, English translations in parentheses and in blue font. 

Daddy: Kamusta si Biboy, mamartsa ba?
(How is Biboy doing? Will he march?)

Rochie: Hindi e.

Daddy: Bakit? May binagsak ba? May naiwan pa bang subject?
(Why? Did he fail anything? Did he forget to take a subject?)

Rochie: Daddy, ganito kasi yun. Ang graduation ni Biboy ay sa March. Pero ang byahe niya papunta sa US ay sa February. Edi hindi siya makakapunta sa graduation niya. Hindi siya mamartsa.
(Daddy, this is how it stands. Biboy's graduation is in March. However, his trip to the US is in February. He won't be able to attend his graduation; therefore, he won't march.)

It wasn't surprising that my dad was quite irked with me that day.