Saturday, March 19, 2011

hospital misunderstanding

During a family reunion, an uncle noticed that my sister, Anna (the nurse), wasn't with us. So he approached me and asked about her. The conversation was in Filipino, so I've included the English translation (in blue).

Uncle: Rochie, nasaan si Anna? 
           (Rochie, where is Anna?)
Rochie: Ay, nasa ospital po si Anna ngayon. 
             (Oh, she is in the hospital today.)
Uncle (concerned): Bakit? Anong nangyari sa kanya? May sakit ba? 
                              (Why? What happened to her? Is she sick?)
Rochie: Hindi po! May duty po siya sa ospital ngayon kaya hindi nakasama. 
             (No! She's an on-duty nurse at the hospital today, that's why she couldn't come with us.)

I guess our uncle was still not used to my sister being a nurse. She's been attending to patients since her nursing school days at the Calamba Doctors' College.