Friday, March 11, 2011

IRRI Mud Springs Quintet in concert

Ash Wednesday 2011.

The IRRI Mud Springs Quintet performed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor. The orchestral parts were played on the piano by Shinobu Kobayashi; the choral parts were played by Melissa Fitzgerald (soprano, clarinet), Luz Humphreys (alto, violin), Sarah Beebout (tenor, violin), and Andy Cal (bass, bass clarinet). Terry Jacobsen conducted. This performance was a fund-raising activity of SINoP, a workers' group in IRRI. The proceeds went to the group's Voluntary Assistance Program.

The performance was great! The quintet received a standing ovation!! Attendance to the concert, despite being Ash Wednesday (and many people in church), was high... they almost filled the auditorium!

Having the Requiem performed on Ash Wednesday was timely because it is a good start for Lent and because it's the swan song of two of the members: Shinobu is flying home in two weeks while Terry had left for Australia today.

I'm happy I got involved with the group as a conductor during rehearsals and then during the run up to performance day, prepping the program flyers and controlling the slideshow of the English translation of the lyrics while they were performing on stage.