Sunday, April 10, 2011

Foot rehab includes shopping

Still on my rehab consultation yesterday...

The doctor recommended a few things that I can do outside therapy to alleviate the pain. He reiterated that I am not supposed to run for the next few months but said I'm supposed to continue using my foot: I am allowed to walk one km daily (that's a 15 min walk for me), to ride bicycles (which is why I'll be getting my bike up and ready), and to swim (and walk in chest-deep water). Yahoo! He also recommended that I change my everyday work shoes since they're a year old and the support might be worn out. 

I bought my New Balance WT480GR all-terrain shoes last year because I normally run on rough road. The pair has logged in more kms than my previous shoes (even those that have gone hiking with me) because I've been running at least 3k every other day last year (before my right foot got all painful) aside from daily wear and races. Since they're still relatively new, I'm planning on replacing the insoles with something more supportive and using them again once my right foot is back to normal. I like them too much to dispose of them this soon.

In the meantime, I got myself the Mizuno Inspire 3 yesterday after my physio session. It's so light-weight! Plus, it's supposed to provide stability to my feet. I'm excited to take them out of the box today for a walk.

Then there's the question of formal shoes. I have been contemplating for a few weeks now about getting a pair of black pumps at Rockport since the pair I bought last year (different brand) would not help lessen the pain. However, the price range is beyond me. So while walking yesterday, I dropped by Payless Shoes and got a really affordable pair of black pumps by Predictions (Comfort Plus)... so affordable that I was tempted to buy another pair of comfy shoes!

This week, both pairs will be broken in. I'll be subjecting them to my normal everyday activities, sans running. :D