Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Justifying eating roasted pig

Over dinner, we were discussing the roasted pig that Cebu is so famous for. It's tasty and the meat is tender... so delicious that people in Luzon buy them from Cebu and have them shipped via commercial flights!

The nonsensical discussion went something like this:

It was sad that the pig had to die at such a young age. However, it was fulfilling its purpose of domestication: to be served as food. (This reminded me of Babe, the movie pig). As such, the pig has contributed to food security, to fighting malnutrition, and to the alleviation of poverty. It has gone from just fulfilling a role to dying for a noble cause. Therefore, the pig is (was) a hero.

Despite the discussion, I opted to eat a more vegetarian fare. I got seaweeds in vinaigrette and banana florets in coconut milk... definitely healthier options for the heart.