Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: x-men: first class (2011)

Where did Magneto come from? Why does he wear that helmet? Why is Professor X called such? Why's he paralysed?

All these questions were answered, for the X-men novices like me (I never read the comic series), by X-Men: First Class. This origin movie, directed by Matthew Vaughn, strongly featured the close friendship of these two characters and what made them archenemies.

The story of Charles and Erik's friendship and eventual separation was well portrayed by the two leads: James McAvoy (Charles Xavier/ Professor X) and Michael Fassbender (Erik Lansherr/ Magneto). Thanks to these two, and to Matthew Vaughn, the prequel is now my favourite among the X-Men movies to date.

This movie lives up to its name. It really is First Class.