Thursday, August 2, 2012

I won a lanzones tree!!

my newly won lanzones tree
A raffle draw was done near the end of the PA3i-LB general assembly. I was really surprised to win a tree!

Well, it's not a tree YET. It's more of a seedling, or a sapling, I don't know which term is correct. The forestry experts who gave this as a prize told me that it will grow to be a lanzones tree someday. Then I just had to ask how to take care of it. They laughed as they said that I have to plant the tree in the ground first before I even think about taking care of it. Good point!

As I carried this plant back to the car, I remembered reading of Aragorn and Gandalf in the snow-covered slopes of Mindolluin. They found a sapling of the Gondor's White Tree and brought it back to Minas Tirith to be planted.

If Nimloth the Fair were a lanzones tree, the Elves and Men in Numenor would surely have enjoyed the delicious fruits. The King and the Stewards of Gondor would have too.