Monday, August 27, 2012

Professor Langdon, are you there?

In the movie adaptation of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, Professor Robert Langdon got introduced to cryptologist Sophie Neveu and police officer Bezu Fache in one of the darkened and cordoned off hallways of the Louvre. Beyond the police cordon was the body of the late curator, Jacques Sauniere. 

Anyway, I got to think about the Da Vinci Code movie while I was at the National Museum. I had been attracted by the stained glass artwork in the museum so I thought of getting a closer look at them. That's when I stumbled into this vacant hall somewhere inside the Museum of the Filipino People. 

Perfect location for a movie set, huh? Yeah. The hallway reminded me of the Louvre as shown in Da Vinci Code film adaptation. Now all this hallway needs is parquet flooring and it could double as a really old museum. Or maybe not; after all, the floor in this hallway also speaks of the past.