Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rose Manor Inn, New Orleans

Home away from home. That's what I call the Rose Manor Inn, the bed and breakfast that I checked into during my stay in New Orleans. This is the very first time that I stayed in a bed and breakfast, I think. The tripadvisor and yelp reviews of the inn were all right!

The Rose Manor Inn
The Rose Manor Inn
What makes the stay in Rose Manor Inn a very pleasant experience is the people behind the inn, the owners: Ruby and Peter. During my stay, they gave tips about where to eat and where to buy groceries and souvenirs.

Aside from the hospitality extended by the owners, I absolutely loved the room they assigned to me. It's quite big and it's charming. Lots of yellow lights to cast a warm glow to the interiors and to the paintings hanging on the wall. The room's spacious enough to have a couch and a coffee table!

My room in Rose Manor Inn
The Inn's living room

The one thing that surprised me was that the inn is supposed to be in the Lakeview district of New Orleans but I couldn't see the famous Lake Pontchartrain from my room's window. I guess the location's name fooled me once again! This is just like when I was in Cebu City with fellow IRRI Grain Quality staff to attend the 2011 Philippine Chemistry Congress at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. I thought we'd be right beside one of the pristine beaches Cebu is famous for. But I was wrong.

I was alone during my first breakfast at the inn. But on succeeding days, I started meeting the other guests at breakfast. I guess having to share one breakfast table with other people allowed all of us to have a chat with each other before we went our separate ways. And that's another thing that I liked about staying in the Rose Manor Inn.

I thank Dr Karen Bett-Garber for recommending the Rose Manor Inn to me when I was arranging for accommodations in the area. I wasn't a tourist in New Orleans during this visit though; I was a trainee in her laboratory.