Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm a blood donor (again) :D

Before I went for my three-week training in the USA in September, I donated blood during the IRRI-Rotary Club of West Bay blood drive. This is the annual activity that I participate in which requires me to gain a few kilos to qualify as a blood donor.

This year, I went along with Cindy and Crystal. For the first time, because I got good results for weight and blood pressure, the doctor did not ask too many health-related questions anymore. Crystal didn't donate but Cindy qualified to be a donor.

I didn't know what was up with my arm, but it took quite a while to get enough blood from my veins into the blood bag. The nurses, the phlebotomists, and the Rotarians were certainly helpful: I was given a stress ball to squeeze at while the collection was ongoing; the phlebotomists kept playing an MP3 of Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" (I wanted to finish fast because I didn't want to hear it for the nth time!!); and the Rotarians provided congee and fruit juice for the donors.

At the end of the donation, I had something for show-and-tell back home: the puncture wound was visible and the skin around it had started to become bruised. Two months later, the scar is still visible.

The puncture wound, hours after I donated 500cc of blood.

Of course I was also able to bring home a more tangible souvenir: a pin from IRRI, the Rotary Club of West Bay, and the Philippine Red Cross. :)

My reward for donating :)

Here's hoping that the blood I donated will help people in need wherever in the Philippines. :)