Saturday, December 22, 2012

My top 8 simple joys this Christmas :)

While I may have outgrown the excitement that gift-wrapped presents used to bring, I am always thankful for blessings that come my way, no matter how small, coincidental, or unwrapped they are. My dad calls these "simple life, simple joy". And so I list them down, my version of "simple life, simple joys" this Christmas; akin to Sister Maria singing about her favorite things so she won't feel so bad.

Here's my current* Top Ten Simple Joys this Christmas:

  1. bumping into classmates fr high school at a local coffee shop & seeing that they're happy.
  2. catching up with friends who make it their business to make the world a better place to live in.
  3. driving on the road less traveled and seeing that the new route is scenic.
  4. drinking hot chocolate (soy) milkshake with peppermint syrup on a cold, windy evening.
  5. crossing yet another item off my to-do list as the holiday fast approaches. What a sense of accomplishment!
  6. after a tough day, I sit back, relax, and watch "The Muppets".
  7. having unplanned lunch with bestfriend-since-grade-school Noan.
  8. having some down time to read the newspaper while having brunch at a restaurant on a weekend.
* I aim to have 10 simple joys this Christmas season.