Sunday, January 27, 2013

Team Manila Lifestyle

One Saturday afternoon, Noah (who recently flew in for the Joel-Trixie, Ian-Michele nuptials) was in the search for statement souvenir items to bring back to school. He wasn't looking for the usual souvenir shirt found in tourist spots; he was bent on buying shorts or other items that reflect the Filipino culture... something that could start conversations with fellow Pinoys abroad or with other nationalities.

So he suggested that we go to a Team Manila store in Makati. The branch that we went to in Glorietta didn't have a wide selection of items (and mostly were for girls) so we transferred malls. We went to the Power Plant Mall at Rockwell (also in Makati).

The Team Manila Lifestyle store at the Power Plant Mall had lots and lots of shirt designs, knick knacks, and cameras to choose from!

Team Manila Lifestyle looks like a popular shop stop for expats and balikbayans. The messages of the shirts are reflective of Filipino culture, the juxtaposition of the traditional with the contemporary. Just see the image of Jose Rizal with sunglasses on, that's one of most recognizable designs of Team Manila. On the day we dropped by, I remembered that my brother always wanted shirts with Filipino humor in it. So I got him a shirt; I got my sister a shirt too!