Saturday, March 2, 2013

My first time to watch capoeira. Live.

I've never seen a live capoeira event before. I have only seen it on tv (¡Q'Viva!, Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony) and in the movies (Only the Strong, starring Mark Dacascos; Ocean's Twelve, George Clooney)... okay, let's count the time my brother, Biboy, demonstrated how to do a somersault via a video call AND I didn't see it.

On February 10, my sister, Anna, brought me along to a gathering of capoeira enthusiasts at the Bonifacio Global City. It's a community of different cultures united by the participants' love for this Brazilian martial art. I was there to take photos of her as she danced and tumbled her way through the exercises and what looked like simulated sparring sessions. I was supposed to take a lot of photos of her (to be sent to Biboy).

The age group of the contestants vary widely, as well as their skill levels. Some start quite young (as in the photo above) while some (like Anna and Biboy) get involved in the sport later on. Just like other martial arts, the practitioners are given belts whose colors indicate their skill level. But unlike other sports, the practitioners are given Portuguese nicknames.

After seeing it for myself, I decided that I'll continue to be the supportive big sister to Anna and Biboy but I won't dive in with them for the time being. But who knows, I might join them someday.