Tuesday, March 26, 2013

recognition days are here again.

The San Pablo City Science High School held its recognition day for students last March 18. Mrs Ruby Mendoza (who teaches science courses to these high school students), invited me to give an inspirational talk to the students. These students were batches lower than the graduating class.

This was a time of several firsts for me: this was my first time to give an inspirational talk (what was I supposed to say?!?), it was my first time to be a guest speaker (what should I wear?), and it was the first time I spoke during a recognition day (why me?!?). 

Thanks to directions from a classmate of mine in high school, Rene June Hernandez, I didn't get lost on my way to the venue, the San Pablo City Central Elementary School.

Right after student awardees and their parents had entered the Rizal Hall, San Pablo Central Elementary School.

One thing that I noticed when I got there was that the teachers (except Mrs Mendoza) were all expecting someone older to arrive. As faculty and I took our places onstage, the school officials asked me quite a few questions about my age. So when it was my turn to talk, I couldn't help but start with something like this:

 "I know you were all expecting an older person to appear here so I hope you're not disappointed that I'm much younger than you might have expected."

That drew a lot of laughs.

A few minutes later, my speech was over. It was then time to give the awards to the parents and to the students. For the next hour, I congratulated students whose academic lives this year did not, in any way, crossed mine (I was a panelist during the science fair of the graduating class). I was pretty clueless. So this is what it's like to be a stranger on the other side of an awarding ceremony! Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience. It's always a joy to see very happy students and parents because their hard work have been recognized. 

Right after the recognition ceremony.

I hope that these exemplary students will perform well again next year... if not even better. But, no pressure.