Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013)

I drove back to Calamba right after class one Saturday afternoon because I was meeting my friends from high school. I caught up with them in the cinema after buying a ticket for the movie Four Sisters and a Wedding. Since I was in a hurry (the movie was about to start when I bought my ticket) I didn't stop and look at the posters so I didn't know what the movie was about... Except that it was (supposedly) funny.

Funny, it really was! The scriptwriting and directing team captured the Filipino family reunion as the four sisters (based overseas) came home for their brother's wedding. As the family shrieked and jumped in delight, I felt I was watching the reception my overseas-based relatives get when they visit the Philippines. The movie was very close to home, I thought.

Aside from the joyous occasions, it couldn't be helped to insert a lot of conflict between siblings in the movie. The formula must be effective since I've seen this kind of conflict in several movies already. I think it worked here too because the audience did get teary eyed... Or maybe that's because Connie Reyes played the mother role with dignity, poise, and restraint. 

I just found the bride's family to be cartoonish and artificial (they were just too funny and two-dimensional to be real, for me). However, the roles of the bride's parents were well-portrayed. In fact, I was speechless and was laughing heartily during Carmi Martin's grand entrance.

In the end, I felt I'd gone through a roller-coaster of emotions, gaining catharsis as the credits rolled.